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My research focuses on landscape level responses to global change. I study contemporary changes in landform types, ecological communities, and species adaptations to the local environment. My goal is to document why landscapes are changing in response to human pressures, how this affect local biodiversity, and support land use policies as well as conservation efforts.

Most of my research is conducted through interdisciplinary collaborations. Using my background in freshwater ecology and experience with spatial hierarchical models I work with a wide range of scientist on contemporary questions in environmental science. So far much of my work has focused on the future of freshwater ecosystems and how the Artic landscape is responding to climate change.

Current projects:


Integrating disequilibrium dynamics in environmental monitoring

Sediment mining 2.jpg

Global sand mining


Trait - Environment relationships in space and time


Predicting future changes in proglacial landscapes

Ben zonatus_small.jpg

Local adaptation and sexual conflicts


Sand resources and coastal ecosystems in Greenland


Experimental warming of Arctic heathlands


Global distribution of bicarbonate uptake in aquatic plants


Metabolic rates and eDNA detection

A global map of threats to biodiversity