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Comparative Distributions of Aquatic Beetles

Dispersal abilities, biotic interactions, abiotic factors, and time itself are among the major drivers creating species distributions. However, to which degree and when one of them influence the presence of a specific species vary across species and space. By studying the communities of ten species of aquatic beetles from the genuses Hydaticus, Acilius, and Graphoderus I explore what is driving the European distribution of this group. This work has  a special focus on co-occurrence between the different species and how this relates to their microhabitat demands, food preference, dispersal potential and any signs of biotic interactions. The studies will hopefully contribute to the understanding of how closely related species have created different, but widely distributed ranges in postglacial landscapes.


Iversen L. L., Rannap R., Kielgast J., Thomsen P.F. & Sand-Jensen K. (2013): How do low dispersal species establish large range sizes? – the case of the water beetle Graphoderus bilineatus. Ecography 36: 770–777 pdf